Empanelled Coaching institute for Free Coaching of Group A, B & C under the various scheme under the Ministry of Minority Affairs, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment , Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities(Divyangjan) (under the Ministry of S.J.& E.) and various state Government like U.P., U. K., C. G., M. P. NCT Delhi(Jai Bhim Mukhyamantri Pratibha Vikas Yojana), Odissa etc

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Engineer's Plus

I.ENGG.S (Indian Engineering Service), PSC’s & PSU’s are the most prestigious all India Technical Services. Every Year, the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) and other bodies conducts the all India examination on the basis of which recruitments are made for I.Engg.S. and other responsible as well as prestigious Services for engineers.

Engg. Services constitute the back-bone of Indian Technology based Administration. The survival of modern, democratic welfare state and its success depend largely upon the organizational strength, Technical and administrative efficiency of its Engineers. The recruitment of intelligent and rational candidates with commitment to the moral and social values of Indian Constitution will go a long way in strengthening our nation building. Under the Career Plus Educational Society, Career Plus has been established with this commitment to the secular and democratic values.

We hope to make a humble contribution to our society by helping the recruitment of men of intellect, knowledge and integrity. The Institute aims at the all round intellectual development of its students so that they can make a meaningful contribution to democracy and development of India.


For an average good student, one year of preparation is enough to have satisfactory performance in the ESE. The regularity of balanced study must be maintained throughout this period of preparation.

For Written Exam., first of all, the candidate should decide the areas of emphasis and elimination depending upon the analysis of the trend of questions being asked during the last 5 years.

For Interview, the candidate should associate himself with a group having a positive attitude and logical thinking. The candidate should discuss at least one National/ International issue daily to access different views. Then the candidate must analyze all the points for reaching satisfactory conclusion. The mock interviews have also proved to very helpful.


1 The Institute provides regular classes. It helps in maintaining the regularity of studies as the candidate are expected to prepare their class - notes daily.

2 Its provides a professional, expertised analysis of the exam trend during the past year. IT helps the candidate in deciding the areas of emphasis and elimination.

3 For including the depth of knowledge-as essential for Written Exam, the Institute arranges certain Honorary Lectures on important topics by some renowned experts for different parts of India and abroad.

4 For developing a proper understanding of the subject matter, the Institute provides Audio/Visual Aids (Projector, Movie, 3-D Graphics on Computer etc.), Models and Charts to the students.

5. Time to time, the Institute conducts tests on the basis of exam pattern for evaluating the grip of the candidates over the subjects. It makes the candidates sincere towards their preparation.

6. The Experts are called to give suggestion for improving the candidates performance in the Exam.

7. The Proper interaction of a group of students may lead to ‘Group Approach’. The ‘Group Approach’ makes the preparation much easier than that of ‘Individual Approach’. By joining the Institute, Candidates get an opportunity to be a part of such group.

By making use of all the above mentioned assistance and help, the candidates are sure to gain an extra edge over others to assure their place in the prestigious Engineering Services and other job.


A long term planning and the persistency of efforts in certain conductive atmosphere are considered to be the most important inputs for Engg. Services Exam. The Career Plus has under-taken a committed responsibility to help the candidates aware of the nature and the requirements of Engg. Services Exam. The scientific method of studies,
development of appropriate style of writing and personality development of each student is given due attention.

Teaching Techniques :

Our teaching techniques are quite different from the conventional method of teaching. Along-with the class-room lectures, we are using Projector, Audio/Video Cassettes, 3-D Graphics on Computer, Models and Charts in order to develop proper and quick under standing of the subject.

The Institute also conducts class tests from time to time to evaluate how much labour is still required. Written study materials on important topics, containing guess questions with model answers, are also provided to the candidates.

Faculty Members :

Senior I.Engg.S. officers, well known Academicians, successful candidates and highly professional Experts are invited from time to time to train the candidates for their Written exam personality Test (Interview) preperation. Apart from that, reputed professors of Delhi University (D.U.) Indian Institute of Technology (I.I.T.), Jawahar Lal Nehru Univeristy (J.N.U.) and REC’s and GEC’s known for their expertise in Engg. Services Exam, are also linked with the Institute.