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MASS COMM Entrance Coaching Program

Career Plus Coaching is one of the best BJMC (Bachelor of Journalism & Mass communication) Coaching. We provide best faculty, study materials, test series and provide problem resolution classes to our students preparing for MASSCOMM Entrance.
MASSCOMM Entrance Coaching in Delhi – Communication is key to the success for any activity. In modern times Information is power. There is trillions of Information and to produce meaningful Information as per requirement of the clients is a great challenge. Here comes the role of Print, Audio and Video Media. Electronic Media through TV, Internet, Radio, and Social Networking Sites have been great source of entertainment & Information which might be Economic, political, social, cultural, religious, technical, geographical & others. So there is unlimited scope of Journalism & Mass communication. Here at Career Plus we provide entrance exam coaching for Bachelor of Journalism & MASS Communication Coaching
The world is turning into global village & effective communication with the world has become need of the hour to become successful in trade, business and Commerce. The need to stay connected to and abreast of what is happening in the world around has revolutionized the way we communicate today. The field of mass communication is thus an exciting career option with innumerable opportunities in diverse fields. Join MASSCOMM Entrance Coaching  in Career Plus for cracking various Entrance Exams.

A bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication is in fact a gateway to careers that promise to be immensely satisfying and rewarding, and also carry the distinction of having ample scope for creative development. The thriving media industry will ensure that there is no dearth of opportunities, in publishing houses, advertising agencies, the entertainment world, media houses, the corporate world, government organizations and the like.
One must have passed the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (10+2) of CBSE or an equivalent. The requisite for institutes is 50% or more marks in aggregate.
Top Entrance exams for Journalism and Mass communication for Aspirants are following as compiled by MASSCOMM Entrance Coaching in Delhi :
2. SET (Symbiosis Entrance Test)
3. BMMMC( Delhi University Mass Media and Communication Entrance Exam)
4. WLCI All India Common Entrance Test
5. FTII Entrance Exam (Film and Television Institute of India Entrance Exam)
6. X I CO ET (Xavier Institute of Communication Online Entrance Test)
7. SRFTI (Satyajit Roy Film and Television Institute Entrance Test)
8. IIMC (Indian Institute of Mass communication Entrance Exam)
9. Asian College of Journalism Entrance Exam
10. Bhartiya Vidyapeeth Entrance Exam
Subjects in the BJMC Entrance Exams are following:
Logical Reasoning
General Awareness
Media Aptitude
Note – These may vary Institute to Institute but mostly in Entrance Exams of Bachelor of Journalism and Mass communication aforementioned Subjects are there.

Mass Communication Entrance Exam Preparation Tips

n recent years, the media and communication industry has witnessed an unprecedented growth. Gone are the days when quick reporting could get the message across. With increasing number of news channels, radio stations and social media platforms, there is something available for every audience and in the format of their choice – videos, texts, pictures, info graphics etc. With the media industry taking up the spotlight, Mass Communication as a career has become very promising. There are a lot of job opportunities available for Mass Communication students and that too in a wide variety of fields such as Journalism, Advertising, Public Relations, etc.

If you too are eyeing a career in the field of Mass Communication and wish to see yourself as doing something creative and challenging, read on to know some useful tips to prepare for Mass Communication entrance exams in India.

Keep Yourself Up To Date

Being up-to-date is the most important aspect of Mass Communication entrance exam preparation. For the same, you should subscribe to at least two national newspapers such as The Hindu, Times of India or Hindustan Times. You can also read different business magazines such as Frontline, India Today, and Outlook to keep yourself abreast with the latest happenings in the world. Other than reading newspapers and magazines you can keep your knowledge up to date by watching television channels and referring to different websites. For instance, you can watch award shows like Grammy, Oscars and refer to websites like IMDB to keep your knowledge regarding entertainment up to date. The idea is to be prepared to write meaningful articles on any issue or topic that comes in the exam.


Develop a Habit of Reading

There are many books available in the market that you can use for preparing for mass communication entrance exams. However, picking just any book from the market is not a good idea. Therefore, you can consider reading the following books for effective preparation for the exam:

Book Author/ Publisher Remarks
Success Master: Journalism & Mass Communication Entrance Examinations Arihant Publications  



Useful for basic knowledge of the media, media related aspects, and general knowledge

Mass Communication In India Keval J Kumar
Mass Communication: Principles & Concepts Seema Hasan
Manorama Yearbook Manorama Useful for current affairs and general knowledge
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Enhance Your Comprehension And Analytical Skills

Remember, it is important to not only read and watch useful stuff but also to comprehend, analyse, and have an opinion on it. To develop your comprehension and analytical skills you can do the following:

  • Be curious: You need to be curious enough to ask questions like “Why did this happen?” or “How did this happen?” All business magazines (mentioned above) contain detailed and analysed reports on various topics by experts. It is important to read and comprehend such reports followed by analysing the given topic. You can also read some good articles on the internet and know intricate details of important happenings.
  • Have an opinion: You can watch TV news channels and take keen interest on discussions on current issues and interviews of noted personalities. This will help you to form your own opinion on an issue. However, note that once you have an opinion on a topic/ issue it is important to pen it down in the form of short notes. Preparing short notes will help you in writing in-depth articles later and that too in a shorter duration of time.
To develop an opinion and enhance your comprehension skills you can also discuss important current issues with friends and family.

Polish Your Writing Skills

In order to enhance your writing skills, you can start writing articles on topics you like and think are important. However, do not forget to be analytical enough about any topic you choose to write on. For the same, you can first plan the structure of an article before penning it down. You can also use your short notes at this stage.

Remember, only writing an article is not enough. You need to proofread your write-up thoroughly and look for any grammatical errors that you might have made. By going through the article you can also compare your writing style with that of other expert articles written on similar topics.

Practice Previous Years’ Papers

Getting your hands on the past years’ papers of different reputed mass communication entrance exams is highly important to crack the written test with good marks. Previous years’ papers not only give you an idea on the type of questions asked in the exam but also help you in refining your writing skills further. Also, practicing past years’ papers helps you to improve your time management skills drastically.

Do Not Ignore The Interview Round

Note that almost all Mass Communication entrance exams are followed by a personal interview round. Questions asked in an interview round are usually general in nature that will test your confidence level and passion for the chosen stream. Therefore, it is advisable to be confident (but not over-confident) and genuine with your answers at the time of the interview.

Some of the questions that you can prepare for the interview round are:

  • What are your hobbies? • Why should we select you? • What are your strengths and weaknesses? • How do you think your chosen course will help you? • What are your goals? • Where do you see yourself five years from now?
Note that some Mass Communication interview rounds may also include technical questions related to the stream that you have chosen. In such a technical interview round, questions can range from your knowledge about politics to awareness on advertisement tag lines of major brands. Therefore, it is important that you have complete knowledge and clarity of the stream that you have chosen.

Apart from the above, questions in an interview round for admission to a Mass Communication college can also be around the statement of purpose (if applicable) that you might have written at the time of filling the college’s application form. For the same, it is important that you have meaningful content ready to back your SoP (statement of purpose) at the time of interview.

Career Plus Regular Classroom Coaching Program –

Regular Classroom Program’ is designed for comprehensive preparation of Mass Comm entrance programm by Career Plus. The main feature of this course is that all subjects are taught from basic to advanced level, by a team of highly experienced faculties. You can register yourself any time for Regular Classroom Program.

All Programs are available in both Online & Offline Mode.
Duration 6-7 months
Course Fee – Rs 80,000/ only


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